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3 Easy Steps for Making Healthy Habits/Breaking Bad Habits Starting TODAY!

3 Easy Steps for Making Healthy Habits/Breaking Bad Habits Starting TODAY!   By: Dr Jennifer Hendry-Lynn

Is it time for you to do a major ‘out with the old and in with the new’ cleanse of your habits? Would you love to wake up Monday morning ready to tackle all of those ‘I should…starting Monday’ thoughts you had the previous week? What gets in your way from being successful come Monday morning? What obstacles in your life cause you to say, “Hey, maybe next Monday is a better day to start?”


I want you to take a moment to jot down the habit(s) you want to create or break.

Example 1: Quit Smoking

Example 2: Drink More Water

Example 3: Move More


Next, I want you to write down a list of reasons why you are NOT successful on a Monday morning when you are ready to start or break a habit!

Example 1: Too Tired

Example 2: No Time

Example 3: I didn’t make a meal plan and now I don’t have the right groceries


Ok! Great! You are doing so amazing! No matter what is on your list you can overcome these obstacles if you are willing to do a tiny amount of work! The next step is the make the good habits easy and the bad habits harder.


The last step is to write down an EASY fix next to each habit.

For example: Your goal is to move more each week, but Monday rolls around and you are TOO tired to get up earlier. EASY FIX: commit to going to bed earlier or ask a friend at work to go for a walk at lunch so you can sleep and move each day.

Another example could be filling your coffee mug with water the night before, so in the morning you have to drink the water before filling your mug with your morning coffee. Now you are starting your day with MORE WATER!

Making and breaking habits doesn’t have to be HARD. It does take a tiny bit of effort, but if you improve yourself by 1% each day after 1-year you will be a 37 times better version of yourself.

If you need support or assistance to start making healthier lifestyle habits please reach out, I am happy to help you actualize your dream version of you!


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