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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

I am at the local chocolate shop the other day when I see a lady who looks awfully familiar.  We both are kind of making eye contact, until finally she asks, “are you still practicing on Eagle Street?”  Now that I hear the voice, I recognize Diane, a former patient of mine.  “I was hoping to run into you one of these days,” she notes, “I have something amazing to tell you.”

She continues, “I came to see you about 6 years ago for lower back pain.  We had great success.  What you didn’t know is that we had troubles conceiving for 20 years.  Well, Dr. Mark, I’d like you to meet my 5-year-old son!”


Diane went on to tell me that both her and her husband as well as the rest of the family had me to thank, for it was chiropractic that was the answer, not drugs, not IVF, not magic spells or the phase of the moon.  Chiropractic helped Diane have the family that she always dreamed of.

What an amazing story.  Thank you for sharing Diane!