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Chiropractic Philosophy

Spinal manipulation may have been around for thousands of years; however,
chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer (D.D. Palmer). Palmer
created the term “chiropractic” (done by hand) which is derived from the Greek words
“chiro” meaning “hand” and “praxis” to do.


A janitor by the name of Harvey Lillard shared with Palmer that years ago, he was
bending over and felt a “pop” in his upper back. With this “pop”, he lost his hearing and
was almost totally deaf. Palmer, who was very interested in how the spine interacts
with the systems in the body, checked Lillard’s spine and found one of his vertebrae
misaligned. After manipulating this misaligned vertebra, Lillard’s hearing was restored!
This is the amazing story that is shared about how chiropractic came to be.

D.D. Palmer’s son B.J. Palmer was the developer of Chiropractic as he convinced his
father to share chiropractic with the world and the Palmer school of Chiropractic was
opened. Chiropractic philosophy gravitates toward a “ holistic ” (total person) approach
to healing which combines elements of the mind , body and spirit .

One of the main philosophies of chiropractic is that healing happens from “above down,
inside out”. The nervous system is the energetic conduit that connects our Innate
Intelligence with the physical matter of our body. Our nervous system consists of our
central nervous system, brain and spinal cord, and our peripheral nervous system, the
miles of smaller nerves in the periphery of our organs, limbs and skin. Our brain is
protected by our skull as our spinal cord is protected by our spine. The spinal cord
travels down through our spinal column and out to every part of our body through nerve
roots to our peripheral nervous system, hence, the above down, inside out philosophical
tenet of chiropractic health care.

The focus of chiropractic is the functional integrity of your Nervous System and it’s
ability to maintain communication between your body and your Innate Intelligence. If
the communication is interfered with the body’s ability to self maintain, self regulate and
self heal is compromised and you and your body are not functioning at your peak. Your
range of adaptation to the physical, mental and chemical stresses of life is compromised
and your quality of life is lowered.

If this compromised state of nervous system health is maintained long enough your
body will begin to break down and not function optimally. It will eventually sound the
alarm by creating a symptom or pain to let you know that things are not working
properly and you need to do something about it. Chiropractic focuses on the nervous
systems function and not just the pain or symptoms as we know that is a byproduct of
the dysfunction in the nerve system and it will go away once the bodies self healing
capacity is brought back online through a chiropractic adjustment.

Subluxations are just that; Interference in the communication between your brain and
your body, or said another way, interference in the flow of communication over and
through your nervous system. Subluxations are caused by the 3 T’s: thoughts, trauma
or toxins. This is why it is important to be aware of what you are taking into your body
(physical or mental stress, unhealthy diet….). Subluxations can build or layer on top of
each other if not adjusted and released. They will keep building on top of each other
and you may not even notice it, until the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”
occurs and your body goes into a symptomatic crisis. Hence, the importance of regular
chiropractic checkups on your nervous system to ensure small irritants are not building
up in the system and to allow your body to adapt optimally to the everyday stresses of