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Here is your digestive tract.

Did you know that digestion starts before you even take a bite?

That’s right, smell is the very first step in digesting our food. Smelling a delicious meal produces saliva in your mouth, and prepares the digestive tract for a meal. Saliva begins to breakdown your food, starting with the starches. It also helps to lubricate your food for easy passage into your esophagus, and then into your stomach.  Your mouth also allows you to taste your food, which in my opinion is pretty important.

Once food enters your stomach you start to breakdown your food even further, including those hard to breakdown proteins. Once your food is ready it goes into your small intestine to be absorbed.

In the small intestine, the liver/gallbladder and pancreas secrete a number of enzymes and bile to continue the food breakdown and support healthy absorption into the body. What is not absorbed, continues into the large intestine.

The large intestine, or colon, has two jobs: stool formation and water absorption. This is one of the reasons water is so important. Without enough water your body will reabsorb water from your colon, which can lead to constipation.

Well that’s your digestion in a quick overview.

Every part of the system serves a distinct purpose. If you are feeling like your digestion could use a tune-up, call for a FREE 15-health consultation.