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Injury, PhysiotherapyBodily injuries occur for us all and for the most part they can go away on their own.  Sometimes the body needs help to heal itself, which is where some education into why they are not healing to the full extent can help.

The healing cycle — **generally speaking all injuries are different

Inflammatory phase ~ days 0 – 10 – the most painful stage in which the body is signaling us to protect the affected area.  Symptoms include wide pain spreading, swelling, redness, bruising, scar/scab formation and sometimes bleeding.  Here we need to rest the area to allow the body to “clean up” the location internally. Inflammation is a good thing at this stage and is a functional part of the recovery of any injury.  –Protect, Rest, Compress, and Elevate if needed.

Proliferation phase~ Days 10 – 30 – at this stage the body is laying down new collagen to the injury site because the old injured cells have now been removed.  Symptoms here include, decreased pain/more localized, minimizing scarring/scabbing, decreased swelling/bruising/redness, and usually no bleeding at this point.  The body starts to need more environmental stimuli – range of motion exercises, static strengthening, balance exercises are appropriate here.

Remodelling/Maturation phase~ Days 30 – 2 years – the new cells have been laid down and the strength of the tissue is now starting to get stronger.  This process is completed by changing the collagen type to a stronger integrity – type I to type III.  Symptoms in this phase are very minimal pain (only with higher stress to the area), shrinking scar size, and minimal swelling/bruising/redness.  At this phase the body needs to be progressively challenged so the collagen fibers reorganize from a random development to more parallel structure.

Common injuries occur from trauma (sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work injuries) or repetitive use/strain (work injuries, sports injuries).

If your injury is not healing to the full extent or very quickly, contact our clinic and we can lead you in the right direction.


Matt Welsh

Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, BHSc