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Modalities – Healing Aids


This form of treatment is great at supplementing regular physiotherapy treatment, which in most cases aims at correcting biomechanical issues (ie. Posture, tissue alignment, traumatic injury).  Most of the modalities aid in the form of improving blood flow and/or reducing pain to an area of concern by way of mechanical stimuli (acupuncture, shockwave, cupping), thermal (hot pack), electrical (electrical acupuncture, IFC, TENS), or sound (ultrasound).   Cold (cyrotherapy) is a form of therapy thermal therapy that aims to reduce inflammation and pain by inhibiting blood flow.


Shockwave – uses a mechanical pressure wave to stimulate the tissues locally (injury site) and/or generally (around the injury site).

Acupuncture – uses a mechanical stimulus with a fine needle locally and/or systemically to promote healing.  Insertion depths vary depending on the area.

ElectroAcupuncture – send electrical current through the needles to increase the stimulus to the area(s).  Great for pain relief.

Hot therapy – uses thermal, heat, to promote blood movement, reduce muscle spasm and pain.  Usually used in a non-acute phase of injury.

Cold therapy –uses thermal, cold, to decrease blood flow, inflammation and pain.

IFC/TENS – uses electrical current, like electroacupuncture, to reduce pain and and spasm.

Ultrasound – Uses sound waves to promote blood flow and in some cases can warm the area.


Feel free to ask me which may be best for your condition.


Matt Welsh

Registered Physiotherapist, MScPT, BHSc