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Physiotherapy – Core Strength

Core strength and coordination is key to proper lifting/moving mechanics.  Many of us do not activate this group of muscles properly.  These habitual motor patterns were ingrained upon us as we grew from childhood.

After the first grade in school, children spend most of the day in chairs, with only brief periods of exercise.  Because they are sitting all day their hips become used to that position, which makes their hip muscles tight and their core muscles less active. As the years accumulate this effect is multiplied and can wreak havoc when we need greater physical demand from our bodies.

Think about the increase in low back pain (or hip, knee, ankle, etc) most of us get as we age.  Sometimes these injuries happen when we ask the body to do something it hasn’t done in a while, or ever… for example, yard work.

I see this in clinic all the time from desk jockeys and marathon runners.  Most of us are missing ranges of motion and lacking core coordination.

BUT… it’s fixable! With some education and repetition.

If those joints and muscles are feeling not as healthy as they once were it’s a good idea to do some self rehab prior to doing a new activity.


Matt Welsh, Physiotherapist.