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Pre and post surgery recovery

Physiotherapy can help to reduce recovery times in patients that go through a surgical procedure.   This is can be achieved by patient education, prehabing (assessing and treating) pre surgery, and rehabing the area post surgery.

Patient education – what to expect after surgery (pain, swelling, bruising, etc); recovery times; body anatomy; walking aids (if needed); wound care; and home care/safety

Prehab – Assessing mechanical issues (range of motion, strength, function, and coordination values).  Muscle activation techniques/exercises that will be needed post surgery—this makes activating these muscles easier after the procedure—and may include strengthening/stretching/coordination activities.

Rebab – Again assessing the surgical area and determining which exercises/techniques are needed at this phase.  Progressive exercises will be added as needed throughout the treatment process and range of motion/strength/function will be continually tracked.  Treatments will range in frequency depending on the type of surgery.


Matt Welsh

Registered Physiotherapist, BHSc, MScPT