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Bio-Medical Treatment of Autism

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What are Biomedical Treatments?

For over 30 years physicians have been using Biomedical interventions in the treatment of autism. Biomedical interventions are not synonymous with ‘alternative’ medicine, but are based on groundbreaking science and are individualized to each child.  Therapies are designed to target the whole person, and work to restore underlying body system impairments. Treatments can include: nutrition, detoxification, supplementation, and bodywork to return the body to a healthy balance.  Laboratory testing is used when indicated in order to find the unique makeup of a child; this ensures that the treatment reflects each individual child.

At ReAlign Health, our unique program combines Biomedical treatments with Chiropractic bodywork.  This system allows patients to have two highly trained and successful doctors working in cooperation with each other on their case.

Why Should I Try Biomedical Treatments?

Each child with autism is an individual and presents with a variety of different symptoms.  Moreover, each child has unique body system impairments that require individualized treatments to restore balance within the body.  Biomedical treatments allow the doctor to develop a plan that is right for you.

How is Chiropractic Bodywork Going to Help My Child?

Chiropractic bodywork is a gentle approach to help restore nervous system function throughout the body.  Imagine removing the kink from a garden hose, and watching the water pour freely out the end.  This is the same premise; remove spinal interference to allow the body to heal itself.  With improved communication within the body, other Biomedical treatments are more likely to succeed.

How Do the Doctors Work Together on Each Case?

During your child’s first and second appointments you will sit down with both doctors to review your child’s case.  After the initial visit, the doctors sit down together to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan, which is discussed during your second visit.  Throughout your care, the doctors continue to consult each other regularly, making sure their therapies continue to compliment each other (both biomedical and chiropractic treatments). This system allows your child to receive the best possible health care available.