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Chiropractic, the science and art of gently correcting the spine and nervous system to allow the brain to communicate with, and heal the body.

Common areas of correction that a chiropractor can help:

Lower back pain – chiropractic can help to alleviate pain from disc injuries, sprains, strains, SI (sacroiliac joint) joint injuries and many other lower back pain issues.

“I had back pain for 30 years that slowed me down every day.  After 6 weeks with Dr. Mark, it’s better than I can remember.” – Gerry, 74

Neck pain – chiropractic can help to gently restore proper movement, alleviate pain from pinched nerves, numbness and tingling and many other causes of neck pain.

“I was drying my hair after my shower when I instantly felt a surge of pain in my neck and upper back.  I called Dr. Mark and he got me in right away.  I walked into the office in tears, and walked out smiling.  Thanks for always helping my neck pain!” – Tracy, 36

Headaches – chiropractic can help alleviate migraine headaches, cluster headaches, cervico-genic headaches, pressure headaches, tension-type headaches and many more.

“I have been a headache sufferer for my whole life.  I used to get them so bad that I would miss work, I’d miss time with my kids, and my life was terrible.  I have been proudly headache free since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Mark.  His gentle approach has allowed me to live my life normally again.” – Sandy, 51

Bed-wetting – by allowing better communication between the brain, spinal cord and bladder, chiropractic has been shown alleviate nighttime bedwetting in toddlers and infants.

“My 9 year old son was playing travel hockey and still wetting the bed at night.  I heard that chiropractic can help and a friend referred me to Dr. Mark.  Within 2 or 3 adjustments, the bedwetting stopped.  Amazing.  Thank you.”  — Tracy, 42

Colic – chiropractic has long shown to be beneficial to infants suffering from colic.  By allowing passage of gas and better communication between the brain and the major body systems, moms and dads will be greatly appreciative to have a happier baby.

“After having our first child suffer with colic, we weren’t going to go through that again.  Our second child was taken to Dr. Mark at 3 weeks old and slept soundly from that point on.  Now our third child was checked by Dr. Mark at 1 week old and has never had a single episode of colic.  Chiropractic works.”  — Sandy, 40

Infant acid reflux (GERD) – this is a very common symptom that is currently a hot topic in our office.  A simple adjustment to the middle back may restore proper stomach digestion and acid production.  If you do not want to medicate your baby, try chiropractic today.

“My doctor gave me adult strength heartburn medicine for my 6 week old child.  After we tried it and saw no results, they suggested upping the dosage.  I had had enough.  After two weeks with Dr. Mark, the reflux had stopped.  We had a happier, healthier, medication-free baby.” – Carly, 27

Heartburn and indigestion – also commonly referred to as GERD or reflux, can be a relatively straightforward fix in a chiropractic office.  If we can ensure that the nerves which communicate to the stomach and esophagus are not choked off in any way, the body will heal itself.  By gently correcting the middle and upper back, a chiropractic adjustment may be a simple, non-medicated fix, once and for all.

“Heartburn used to affect me every day.  I took every over the counter and prescription medication yet nothing seemed to work.  Then I found Dr. Mark and my heartburn has never returned.  Amazing.”  — Jeff, 46

Constipation/Diarrhea/IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common, “garbage-can” diagnosis nowadays.  The bowel is an integral part of our health, and can be compromised by an array of stresses.  A thorough chiropractic examination will reveal exactly what is causing the problem and will provide a pain-free, medication-free solution.

“My life is changed forever after meeting Dr. Mark.  He figured out that my IBS was not due to a lack of medicine but was due to several physical and lifestyle factors.  After we corrected these, I can proudly say that my bowel is totally normal!”  — Phil, 44

Insomnia – one of the great byproducts of a healthy nervous system is that we will have more energy and sleep better.  If you’re sick of taking medication to help you sleep and are looking for a natural cure, look no further.

“While my sleep may not be perfect, it is waaaaaaay better.  Chiropractic adjustments help me sleep better, bottom line.”  — Susanne, 54

Arthritis – arthritis, or inflammation of the joints of the body affects millions of Canadians.  Often times, structural changes or muscular weaknesses are behind this debilitating condition.  Many have found that regular chiropractic adjustments help them not only with their pain, but restore their confidence and ability to do the things they love the most, such as golfing, gardening or simply chasing their grandchildren around the yard.

“My hands and knees used to ache.  I took Tylenol Arthritis every day.  My dosage increased every year and nothing seemed to be improving.  After my wife made me go see Dr. Mark, I felt a change right away.  His gentle techniques improved blood flow and mobility and I no longer take any arthritis medication.  Awesome stuff Dr. Mark.”  — John, 68


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