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History of Chiropractic – Not many people are aware of this today, which is why the doctors at ReAlign Health feel it is important to share this information with you. Believe it or not, the first Chiropractic patient didn’t have back pain or neck pain; he wasn’t in a car accident and he didn’t have a sports injury. Instead, he was deaf.

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Harvey Lillard
The first Chiropractic patient, Mr. Harvey Lillard, owned a janitorial services company in Davenport, IA. On September 18th, 1895 (the same day that Dr. Mark was born!!), while cleaning the offices of D.D. Palmer, Lillard and Palmer were having a conversation. They were discussing why Harvey had hearing difficulties, and how long the problem had been present. Mr. Lillard explained to Palmer that 17 years earlier, he bent over in a stooped position and heard a “pop” in his neck, and that his hearing quickly diminished from that day on.

D.D. Palmer
A keen student of anatomy and physiology, Dr. Palmer asked Harvey’s permission to examine him. He discovered something in Lillard’s neck and asked if he could address it. Harvey consented, and Dr. Palmer gave a “gentle shove” to the peculiar area. Following this crude “adjustment,” Harvey’s hearing was restored, thus sparking the birth of the Chiropractic profession.
Soon thereafter, D.D. Palmer’s son, Dr. B.J. Palmer took over the research and development of the practice of Chiropractic, and spent his entire life studying and analyzing the spine in search for the cause of dis-ease. He rationalized that nerves control the entire body, and that the 24 moveable bones of the spine exist to protect the spinal cord from damage.

Dr. B.J. Palmer
After over three decades of research, and critical analysis of hundreds of different methods for manipulating the spine, Dr. Palmer concluded that when one of the top two bones of the spine becomes misaligned, it puts pressure on the brainstem and spinal cord, resulting in irritation. This occlusion interferes with the mental impulses from the brain into the body, initiating a decrease in proper function. In turn, this begins the process of dis-ease.

Many people today have the impression that Chiropractors are “Back doctors.” The truth is, Chiropractic really has nothing to do with the back, so to speak. But it has had tremendous success with patients who are suffering with back pain. Specific Chiropractic has also had tremendous success with a variety of other health conditions – not because the Chiropractor focuses on symptoms, but because the body functions better when it is free of nerve interference. When your body is free of nerve interference, healing is given a better opportunity to occur. (

SUBLUXATION – Think of the body as an organism that heals itself.  We don’t need outside forces such as drugs, we create everything inside ourselves.  Our brain sends messsages down the spinal cord to each and every cell in our body.  When our body starts to get sick, our nervous system tells our immune system to fire up, and gets us healthy again.  A subluxation occurs along the spine.  It chokes off the body’s ability to heal itself.  It occurs from several different sources, Physical Stress, Emotional Stress and/or Chemical Stress.  When our brain cannot communicate, we get sick.  By correcting these SUBLUXATIONS, we can return our body to a normal state of health.  Have you been checked for subluxations?

Chiropractic Education – Doctors of Chiropractic undergo a rigorous and demanding professional education equivalent to any other primary care provider. To obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, they must complete several years of prerequisite undergraduate education and spend nearly the same number of classroom hours at a fully-accredited chiropractic college as MDs do in medical schools. Student doctors are thoroughly trained in the appropriate use of sophisticated analytical equipment including X-rays, examination procedures, and state of the art chiropractic investigative technologies. Before they can practice, all Doctors of Chiropractic must pass a series of National Boards, as well as a licensing exam for the state in which they choose to practice. Even after all that, most states require the doctors to attend clinical continuing education programs for annual relicensure. (

Subject Chiropractic Schools Medical Schools
Hours % of Total Hours % of Total
Anatomy 570 40 368 31
Biochemistry 150 11 120 10
Microbiology 120 8 120 10
Public Health 70 5 289 24
Physiology 305 210 142 12
Pathology 205 14 162 14
Total Hours 1,420 100 1,200 100


Chiropractic Schools Medical Schools
Mean Percentage Mean Percentage
Basic Science Hours 1416 29% 1200 26%
Clinical Science Hours 3406 71% 3467 74%
Chiropractic Science Hours 1975 41% 0 0%
Clerkship Hours 1405 29% 3467 74%
Total Contact Hours 4822 100% 4667 100%

Chiropractic Treatment – The first question in your patient history will identify the chief complaint that encouraged you to visit our office (e.g. Mr. Jones, what brings you in today?) As a patient you will also be asked about your medical history (e.g. falls, accidents etc), family history, dietary and social habits, and other treatment that you may have had (chiropractic, physiotherapy, medical or other). These questions help determine the nature of your illness and the state of your health. In addition to the consultation, case history and physical exam, laboratory testing and x-ray examination may be performed. This helps the doctor to get a full understanding of what is happening inside of your body. You may not see any connection between a fall five years ago, an accident as a child, or some other seemingly unrelated event and your present illness, but all these factors will be significant to your doctor of chiropractic when your total health is evaluated.

In some cases, spinal or extra-spinal x-rays may be necessary. While much can be determined from a case history and physical examination, the x-ray enables your doctor to view the specific outline of your spinal column or joints.

Also, your doctor of chiropractic will test the range of motion of your spinal segments. This allows them to determine which joints are not moving properly, and are thus causing stress on areas of your spine. When coupled with postural examination and biomechanical understanding, the doctor will be able to thoroughly explain to you why you are having the pains you are.

If the above examination procedures reveal that you are indeed a candidate for chiropractic treatment, your care will begin shortly. The doctors will take you through a comprehensive report of findings, which will explain to you in great detail, what was found, what the proposed treatment plan is, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. The doctors at ReAlign Health pride themselves in patient communication and education. They will educate the patients at every step along the way. If there is ever a question you have regarding your health, please do not hesitate to share it with them!

What is an Adjustment?
An “adjustment” is a chiropractic term meaning specific manipulation of one or more spinal or other malfunctioning joints. These abnormalities in the spinal column usually cause irritability within the nervous system. Doctors of chiropractic spend years learning to examine the spine and understand the complex motions of the vertebrae. Additionally, they learn to administer a specific spinal adjustment. Considerable skill and dexterity are required to become proficient in the art of chiropractic adjusting.
The primary treatment by your doctor will be specific vertebral adjustments. Once spinal areas have been adjusted to restore normal movement, your spinal joints, muscles or nerves will begin to adapt once again to their normal position and function.

The adjustment is usually given by hand. It consists of placing the patient on a custom designed table, and then applying pressure, using specialized chiropractic techniques to the areas of the spine or extremities that are out of proper alignment. The goal is to restore these areas to their normal range of motion. Another technique commonly utilized at ReAlign Health is the Activator Technique. This is an adjusting technique that utilizes a handheld tool. It is considered to be gentle and specific, and is used in conjunction with traditional chiropractic adjustments. Visit for more information.

Doctors of chiropractic employ a wide variety of treatment methods, and the specific procedure to be used will be.

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