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Staying Healthy in Winter

Feeling healthy through the winter is hard, but I have a few strategies to help you!

1. Get more sleep. During the winter days, we have less sunlight, therefore less exposure to vitamin D. This is the precursor to many of the steroids and hormones that keep us well and make us feel good. The best way to recharge these vital molecules is by catching up on sleep.

2. Exercise. Many of you are likely past the thrill of the New Year’s resolution, and have likely resorted to your old (bad) habits again. Remember the American Heart Association now recommends 175 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week. This is an excellent way to keep your immune system healthy, your endorphins flowing, and to keep some of that winter hibernation weight at bay!

3. Get adjusted regularly. Your spine is the main conduit for which your brain communicates with your body. If the stress of Christmas, the shoveling and the cold weather weren’t enough to stress your spine, you’re very fortunate (or else not telling the whole truth!). When we have interference in the spine, we have limited capacity to fight off colds and flus. A specific spinal adjustment, delivered by your chiropractor will allow the body to heal itself, to get stronger, and to run the way it was designed.

4. Take your supplements. Most if not all of our produce now comes from places like Mexico, California and South America. The vitamin and mineral content of these fruits and veggies simply is not as rich as that grown nearby all summer long. For this reason, it is very important to be supplementing your diet during the winter months. The top vitamins and minerals that I recommened are: Vitamin D (lack of sunshine), Vitamin C (immune support), Omega 3 Oils (cell integrity, cardiovascular health), Probiotic (immune and gut health), Calcium/Magnesium (joint and muscle health). If you would like more information on these supplements, please don’t hesitate to ask while you’re at the office.

if you follow the above recommendations, you will certainly be the pillar of health that you’ve hoped to be. Share this blog with your family, friends and co-workers to ensure that they too can get through the hardest part of the year without the colds and flus that affect so many!

Dr. Mark