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Dr Mark Guker, Chiropractor

A graduate of Preston High School, Dr. Mark completed his studies in Kinesiology in 2001 at the University of Western Ontario before going to New York State to attend New York Chiropractic College (NYCC). While at NYCC, Dr. Mark had the opportunity to be a part of a revolution for chiropractic. He was selected, with one other classmate, to start-up the Government-funded introduction of chiropractic in the Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital system in Buffalo, NY. This program now treats thousands of veterans every year, and is the first undertaking of its kind in North America.

Dr. Mark’s studies eventually led him to his first clinical placement in Stamford, Connecticut where he practiced in a multi-disciplinary setting alongside Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Athletic Trainers and Acupuncturists. Once back in Canada, Dr. Guker joined the team of Drs. Jason and Tara Price in Waterloo, ON before opening ReAlign in December of 2007.

Dr. Guker is also a trained DAN! practitioner.  He passes his time playing hockey, golf, squash, reading, doing crossword puzzles and spending time with his family and friends.

Dr. Mark specializes in the The Activator Method®, one of the most widely researched chiropractic techniques and the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficacy.

Titleist© Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
A lifelong avid golfer, Dr. Mark decided to pursue a certification through the largest governing body of golf fitness instructors worldwide. The Titleist© Performance Institute in Oceanside, California teaches health care professionals how to identify, through a thorough examination, physical weaknesses and limitation as they relate to the golf swing.