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Dr Phil Sammut, Chiropractor

Dr. Phil Sammut graduated from Queen’s University with a bachelor’s of science degree in biochemistry.  In 2001 his studies took him to the University of Notre Dame where he worked in the WM Keck Center for transgene research and then The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto.  
Health and well-being have always been a passion for Dr. Sammut. Not satisfied with limiting his contribution to research, the field of chiropractic promised a domain within which Dr. Sammut could really help people without the aid of drugs or surgery.   He wanted the art of the healing touch to be his method of choice and he knew that being a chiropractor would allow this to happen.
Circumstance took Dr. Sammut on a 9 year hiatus in South Korea where he taught English both as an associate professor and at Samsung Electronics.  He returned to Canada to pursue a career as a chiropractor.  Dr. Sammut attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he graduated Cum Laude and won the Michael Brickman award for chiropractic excellence nominated by his peers.  Dr. Sammut began his chiropractic career in Stratford, where he honed his skills as an Activator Methods practitioner and now will continue to work alongside Dr. Mark Guker at ReAlign Health in Cambridge, Ontario.
Dr. Sammut is a proud father, and dedicated family man.  He understands the need for a balanced life and how chiropractic care can help those in the community.  He looks forward to meeting all of you in person and seeing you in, and around Cambridge and KW!