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Matt Welsh Registered Physiotherapist

Growing up in rural southern Ontario inspired Matt`s interest in an active lifestyle and love of the outdoors. Some of his pastimes are running, snowboarding, reading and following most professional sports. Matt enjoys living actively and advocates the lifestyle.
Starting his post secondary education at the University of Western Ontario, Matt obtained his Honors Degree in Health Sciences with Specialization in Rehabilitation Sciences with Distinction. This degree sparked further interest in the healing of the human body. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario he moved to Kingston to get his Masters in Physical Therapy from Queens University. Since his completion in post graduate coursework, Matt has received further education in manual therapy, acupuncture and functional movement.
Over the past year Matt has worked with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapists to get his patients the results they desire. His main passion is treating musculoskeletal (muscle/joint/fascia), sport, ergonomic, and work injuries; he has also treated neurological, and cardio respiratory conditions with success. He uses a functional movement approach to treatment, meaning that he aims to get his patient’s bodies moving in a way that allows them to negotiate their lives with greater ease. Matt treats most conditions with a manual therapy focus to begin, then transitioning to a more exercise based approach.