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Tendonitis / Tendonopathy

This term describes an irritation to the tendon, which is most commonly caused by overuse. Tendons
are how muscles attach to the bone and are located at both ends of a muscle. This is very common type
of injury and treatment requires education into how properly care for this condition.

The first step is to improve the environment of the condition – removing causal factors (ie. Overusing
wrist moving muscles – Tennis elbow – Lateral epicondylgia)

Next is to fix the mechanical patterns of the area – (ie. Fixing range of motion problems of the joint(s)
and/ or muscle(s))
Loading of the tissue is applied to encourage tissue remodelling, gain strength, and improve tissue
Frequently monitoring body mechanics, posture, and tissue irritation levels need to be addressed
throughout the whole healing process. Injury prevention will be important because injured tissue is
prone to re-injury in the future.

Matt Welsh
BHSc, MScPT, Registered Physiotherapist

Man’s arm under x-rays. The joint is highlighted in red.