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The Joy of Listening

Something has changed with the advent of technology. Sure we all have a standing bill for our data usage and yes we have new found ailments like “tech-neck” and Blackberry Thumb.  But something greater is at stake here and I see it every single day. We have forgotten how to listen. Yes we hear things, we hear all sorts of things. We hear someone’s phone ping with a new message, we hear different phone rings, Facebook alerts, and whatever is playing in our Airbuds.  But do we hear the people that are speaking to us, in person? Do we hear their cries for change, for help, for a friend?


Perhaps it is me, but moreso, perhaps it is the chiropractor that receives this message on a regular basis: “Doc, you’re the first person to listen to me.”  Now let’s think about that for a moment. This person has come to my office with a complaint of some organic nature. They have quite likely shared this information with their significant other (“go to the doctor”), their friend (“oh you should go have that checked out, I hope it’s nothing”), and very commonly, their doctor (“we will send you for some tests but in the meantime let’s start with this medicine just in case”).  The significant other is many cases was busy on his/her phone, or cooking dinner or watching TV. The friend, as good as a friend as they are, has kids running around, bills to pay and aches and pains of their own that they are concerned about. The doctor has been trained to treat all ailments, diseases and the such with a pharmaceutical approach whereas sickness must be due to a chemical imbalance or a lack of a certain medicine.


Then along comes the chiropractor.  The teachings are different. The examination is different.  The analysis, the explanation and most of all, he or she is listening differently.  The chiropractor may not be able to solve all of the problems all of the time, but he/she will certainly show you that the entire world has not forgotten this crucial, human skill.  When someone listens to you, they look you in the eyes, they follow your story, they feel your energy and your pain. When someone listens to you, you are given hope. Hope that perhaps not all of humanity is lost in the world of the internet.  Perhaps there’s someone out there that can truly get to the bottom of my problem. Maybe, I’ll feel great again. Maybe my life will cease this downward spiral, I’ll have control of my destiny and I won’t be reliant on some bottle of pills to get me through each day.  If you feel that you’ve not been listened to, come in and let us help.


With love and gratitude,


Dr. Mark