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The True Reasons We Golf!!

The game of golf has long been credited with consuming copious amounts of time, creating terrible frustration, and glamorizing the beer-drinking, ‘un-athlete.’ Well, times have changed! Ardent golfers are now recognizing the importance of health in creating longevity in their game. We will discuss some of the factors that make golf a truly healthy sport.
Physical Health
Recently the PGA Tour has started calculating the amount of distance covered and calories burned by a walking golfer. The average golfer will walk upwards of 5 miles per round. They will also burn around 280 calories per hour, or over 1100 calories in a 4 hour round. Also, carrying a bag will provide weight bearing exercise that is important in preventing bone and lean muscle loss, commonly associated with aging. The golfer of today has witnessed the physical transformation of the Tour pros, and realizes that physical fitness is a key ingredient to keeping their game healthy. Now more than ever, golfers are hitting the gym in the off-season, working on flexibility, core strength and power.
Chemical Health
Being in the sunshine is a wonderful benefit to golfers. Not only does the fresh air rejuvenate us, but the benefits that we get from the exposure to sunshine, and subsequently, Vitamin D, is unmatched. Vitamin D helps to improve mood, increases calcium absorption, promotes a strong immune system and generally makes us feel good. The combination of Vitamin D and physical exercise, leads to improved sleep patterns which helps to prevent chronic disease, improves memory and leads to a longer, healthier life.
Mental Health
Getting away from the hustle and bustle is one of the most important things one can do to stay balanced. Golf is a wonderful way to spend a few hours with friends, colleagues or complete strangers. You will find that the golf course provides time to reflect, opportunities to chat about life, and time to appreciate the beauty of our natural surroundings. Laughter has been shown to promote immune health, protect the heart and keeps the entire body relaxed. Work-life balance is way out of balance in most of our lives. Golf is a great way to get that balance back in order.
So when it is time to decide on a healthy summer activity, re-read some of the points mentioned above. Go support some of our amazing local golf courses, while at the same time doing your body some good. And above all, have fun doing it!
Dr. Mark is the owner of ReAlign Health in Cambridge. In addition to being a Doctor of Chiropractic, he is a Titleist® Performance Institute Certified Golf Instructor and of course, an avid golfer!