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Why do we do what we do?

Why is it that we smoke? Why don’t we exercise? Why do we get in line for McDonald’s, knowing the lack of health benefits? Because it’s accepted! We need to make a deal with ourselves, our loved ones, that we are going to change the way we look at our own health. Let’s buck the trend of thought that leads us down the path of dealing with our health once we’ve lost it. This is the current medical model, and it is failing miserably. I read this morning that ophthamologists are no longer going to do cataract surgey due to funding cuts. Don’t you think that if our medical system was more streamlined that the cuts would not have to occur? The lineups in the ER for back pain, the kids in the doctors office with ear infections, the needless tests being performed to confirm what should be discovered with a routine, quality examination…this could all be done at the chiropractor! Who is trained in neuro-musculo-skeletal diagnosis and treatment, but treated like a second-class provider? Who helps people of all ages get back to heath, naturally, but is still looked at by MDs as unqualified? Who creates strategies for restoring activity, improving diet, getting off needless medications, and correcting posture, all in ONE office visit? The chiropractor does.