Staff Spotlight: Jenn

September 19, 2023by admin0

Let’s get to know our Clinic Director Jenn Guker a little bit more in our Staff Spotlight.

Q. What inspired you to become a Clinic Director?

A.  After Dr. Mark and I had our third child, it became clear that my business career in Toronto needed to change so I could focus more time on our girls and less on the 401 🙂

At that same time, our previous clinic director needed a change so it was an easy transition for me to join the awesome team at ReAlign.

Q. What do I like about being a Clinic Director?

A.  With a passion for business and entrepreneurship, I love managing the day to day and growth of ReAlign.  It allows our amazing practitioners to do what they do best, focus on treating our patients.

Previously to joining the ReAlign team I had been managing a department for a large wealth management group and was looking for a change from the day to day corporate life. This fresh start has allowed me to focus on something meaningful to both myself and so many people in need of great natural health care.

Q. Three Fun Facts about you?

  1. I have identical twin teenage daughters…. plus another singleton daughter 🙂
  2. I said I would never own a dog… now we have TWO Portuguese Water Dogs and some say they are my favourite.
  3. I love yard work! I could literally spend all day outside working around our property.

Q. What are some of your favourite things?

  1. Food: Beef Carpaccio with arugula, parmesan and egg.

  2. Vacation Spot: Any Beach with a sunset.

  3. Favourite book I read recently: A Year in Provence.

  4. Movie: Love Actually. (or any Christmas movie for that matter!)

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